Welcome to TRL Insight

Practical devolution – your money, your control

TRL Insight provides consultancy services, advice and freelance support to local authorities and their partners to run services efficiently and effectively within available resources. We can help you with financial planning and provide fresh insights into how to improve service delivery.

Our work is grounded in the local government ethos and starts from the conviction that every council is different and serves communities with different needs, strengths and characteristics. Our deep knowledge of national funding systems and regulatory structures provides the context for us to help you turn your vision into a practical reality.

The support we provide can take many forms, including:

  • Data gathering and analysis and spreadsheet-based modelling of future funding, expenditure and outcomes;
  • Bespoke training for members and officers based on your specific requirements;
  • Critical review of current practices, suggesting alternative approaches and highlighting relevant best practice;
  • Assistance in setting up roundtable events and other cross-sector meetings and opportunities to explore collaboration with other organisations.

We believe that governance and finance are both key to delivering sustainable services and value for money for citizens. Councils deliver services to local communities of service users. Workable solutions can best be found by considering the varied and subtle needs of service users and, where possible, engaging them in the design.  This often involves working in partnership with other organisations, using structures supported by strong governance arrangements. We can provide critical challenge to such service transformation, pointing out where decision-making can be further devolved and community empowerment can be enhanced.

But for such service transformation to be put on a sustainable, long-term footing, it needs to be affordable. We start with the big picture of local government finance and how it affects your authority. We will identify the strengths of your organisational culture and work with it to find workable approaches to resourcing, including income generation and short-term investment in projects which will generate long-term savings or other financial return.

TRL Insight was set up by Tom Lawrence. I have an extensive network of other consultants and support I can call on to provide extra resources as necessary. I can be hired for analysis, advice, support and other consultancy work either through APSE Solutions, through AWICS or independently. Which of these is most appropriate may depend upon the nature of the project. Visit these external sites or use the Contact page for further information.

My relevant skills and experience are described on the About page. Visit the Feeds page for examples of my work, along with blog posts and tweets.