Career developments

The post immediately following this one is the first for a long time, so this one explains what I’ve been up to over recent months.

With the publication of the Essential Guide to Business Rates (see below), my four years as LGiU’s Briefings Associate for Local Government Finance came to an end. I also stopped running bi-annual training sessions for LGiU and APSE.

This freed up time for a new part-time post I started at the end of 2017, as a Senior Researcher for the Education Policy Institute. (This was as an employee, rather than an associate.) I held this post for six months, during which time I co-authored a report on school funding which was widely reported across both mainstream and specialist media.

I recently left this post and am now concentrating on work undertaken under the TRL Insight banner. (I’m pleased to have left the school funding work at EPI in the capable hands of my co-author, the Director for School System and Performance and Deputy Head of Research.)

I’m now intending to focus more on direct contracts and larger projects.