Further career developments

Time to bring readers properly up to date.

From September 2021 until December 2022 I was employed as a consultant (again, part-time) by Pragmatix Advisory. During this time, I contributed significantly to a report for the Local Government Association (LGA), Creating resilient and revitalised high streets in the ‘new normal’ and co-authored a report for the County Councils Network (CCN), Improving infrastructure funding and delivery.

In a freelance capacity, I wrote a briefing for the Children’s Services Network (CSN) of the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU): Regional analysis of cost trends in children’s social care in England. (This briefing is available to LGiU members only.)

I also devoted time to my interest in theoretical physics.

Having now left Pragmatix Advisory, I am now exploring options for making TRL Insight more proactive, focused on the projects I am most keen to do, and balanced within a wider portfolio career.