TRL Insight newsletter – May 2023

TRL Insight’s first newsletter is now available here. This issue covers:

  • Summaries of reports by Demos and New Local;
  • Policy and funding announcements on Community Ownership Fund and Right to Buy receipts;
  • Mini-case studies on a) tourism taxes in Manchester, Edinburgh and Wales, and b) Community Land Trust housing in Lewisham;
  • Announcement of the shortlist for the LGC 2023 Awards;
  • Two forthcoming events: ‘Stronger Things 2023 – Community Power: Making it happen’ and the Social Research Association (SRA) annual conference;
  • Outputs produced by TRL Insight;
  • Other outputs to which I have contributed;
  • How TRL Insight can help you;
  • How you can be added to or removed from the mailing list for these newsletters.